Chemical Waste Experts

Chemical Waste Experts

  • Waste Approvals Applications. Design & Operation Reports
  • Air & Noise Screening Applications. ESDM Reports. Ont. Reg. 419
  • Environmental Compliance Approvals (ECA) Applications
  • Ontario Reg. 347
  • Industrial Waste Treatment Systems
  • Chemical Waste Characterization
  • Incident analysis & prevention
  • Training of Management and Waste Facility Operators
  • Hazardous & Liquid Industrial Waste treatment systems
  • Analytical Methods for quick waste characterization
  • Wastewater Evaporators. Gas, used oil, wood and waste heat energy sources
  • Lean Liquid Waste Incinerators
  • WDF (Waste Derived Fuel - used oil) burners for industrial applications
  • Lean Liquid Waste incinerators combined with evaporators. Superior economics
  • Database Systems for Industrial Waste Management. HWIN & TDG. See video
  • Database Systems for Ont. Reg. 419 ESDM tables generation
  • Database Systems for SDS/MSDS management and NPRI reporting. See video
  • Database Systems for Business Management. Integrate with accounting software. Use the customizable database as a front end for the accounting software

More than 50 years of experience

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